For Travelers

This Page is for all you Travelers out there. Below I'll share my story & then I'll fill this page with posts about how you can travel safer and smarter! I've had a love of travel since the very beginning. Growing up, my Mom was always making sure we spent more time and money on experiences rather than material things. We went on so many road trips I've lost count. *cue the 80s playlist now For my high school graduation present my Mom drove me cross country for my next phase of life, college. We started in Washington State and drove all the way to Virginia. It took us just under a week & we joked along the way that we were stopping to smell all the roses. It was one of the best experiences my Mom could have given me. While I was a broke college girl I moved to Florida for a summer job by myself and flew to Costa Rica for my first solo trip! That trip was a total fail. However I learned so much about traveling and myself I wouldn't take it back for anything. After I finished up college I really didn't know what I wanted to do. While I don't use my degree in a literal way, I grew up so much during college and was opened up to so much about the world, culture, and communicating. It made me want to travel even more. So I did what I had always dreamed of - I became a flight attendant. Since becoming a flight attendant in 2017 I have visited all 50 states and gone to 11 countries. I plan to see so much more & to use this blog to both document my travels and help inspire others to travel.