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Feature Friday – @bostonbeergirl_ej

Welcome to another Feature Friday post! In the past year I have created so many friendships with flight attendants, travel bloggers and craft beerstagrammers! I really wanted to start showing off some of my favorite people that I’ve met and start building up a community of like minded people. 

 If you’d like to be a part of Feature Friday please email me: willtravelforbeer@thehoppyflightattendant.com

Below, meet Erika who is one of the first people I met in real life from instagram! We bonded over our love of craft beer, Boston, and mermaids! Find her on instagram here: @bostonbeergirl_ej & on her new website! She knows the best spots around Boston to grab a beer, does lots of giveaways on her page, and is all about female empowerment and supporting small businesses.

Tell us a little about who you are?

 I’m Erika, a lot of people know me as @BostonBeerGirl_EJ. I grew up outside of Boston, went to college in RI and came back to MA after graduation. I am truly a New Englander through and through! When I’m not drinking craft beer, I am hanging out with my boyfriend Stephen (also known as Scuba), playing with my Yorkshire terrier, Bentley, supporting local small businesses or involved in political campaigns. 

How did you get into craft beer? 

I got into craft beer when I went to college in Rhode Island. I was a student on a budget but still had some standard so while everyone crushed the cheapest macro beer, I became a loyal Narragansett Lager drinker. One Thursday when I was picking up beer for the weekend from the local liquor store, they had a tasting of other beers Narragansett put out and after some coaxing, I tried a chocolate donut porter and my mind was blown, I guess I wasn’t just a “light-beer drinker”! Post-grad, breweries were such a fun, go-to place to hang out with friends where you didn’t feel rushed like you would at a restaurant. 

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Your first beer &/or first brewery you went to? 

Technically my first brewery is the Anheuser Busch Brewery in NH. When I was younger, my mom and Aunt were big Miller Lite drinkers and loved to go there. I remember my cousin and I would snack on pretzels and love to see the Clydesdale horses. After I turned 21, we frequented Harpoon because it was such a great spot to meet up with friends or bring visiting college friends. 

Worst beer you’ve ever had?

I had a beer at a brewery in CT that was brewed with beets and lemongrass, I was intrigued and led down the wrong path. If you ever want to know what dirt sprayed with perfume tastes like, this is the beer for you!

What styles of beer do you prefer?

I am not picky,  I will drink any style! IPAs definitely dominate the market but lately I find myself reaching for Saisons and Lagers. 

Your favorite brewery? 

I’m struggling with this question. I feel so lucky to have quite a few amazing breweries locally and am committed to supporting as many Massachusetts breweries as I can. When I visit them all, I will have a better answer.

What brewery is on your bucket list to visit?

  • Great Notion in Portland, OR
  • Lorelai Brewing in Corpus Christi, TX
  • Tripping Animals in Doral, FL
  • Southern Grist in Nashville, TN
  • Pueblo Vida in Tucson, AZ,
  • and so so so many more!

Seltzer or Nah? Do you drink anything besides beer?

All aboard the seltzer train, haters gonna hate! While I’m a beer girl through and through, you can’t go wrong with a whiskey ginger or recently, my boyfriend stocked our bar cart so we’ve been experimenting with cocktails. Painkillers are so far a standout especially in this heat!

Anything else to add?

  • I started my beer Instagram account as a creative way to document the beers I am drinking. I am amazed at the community I found on Instagram. It’s so wild to think I’ve met some truly great friends through the app and can’t wait to meet up with everyone again when it’s safe to do so. 
  • I also highly encourage all readers to support their local small businesses, especially breweries, who were hit hard during these unprecedented times. When Massachusetts Breweries were forced to close their taprooms back in March, I pledged to support a minimum of 1 brewery a week and urged others to do the same – even if it’s a crowler/growler, 4-pack, gift card or merch – every bit counts! It was something that kept my spirits up and kept me moving forward throughout the stay-at-home orders and I am so excited that I was able to support over 27 Massachusetts breweries in that time and continue to do what I can!

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That’s all for this Feature Friday! Don’t forget to give Erika a follow on Instagram and show your support for small business. Like she said, breweries need our support now more than ever! See you next week for another Feature Friday.

-The Hoppy Flight Attendant

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