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Feature Friday – @cams_exbeeriences

Welcome back to another Feature Friday post! In the past year I have created so many friendships with flight attendants, travel bloggers and craft beerstagrammers! I really wanted to start showing off some of my favorite people that I’ve met and start building up a community of like minded people. 

 If you’d like to be featured please email me: willtravelforbeer@thehoppyflightattendant.com Or message me on Instagram @thehoppyflightattendant

This week meet Cameron aka @cams_exbeeriences, he’s one of the first craft beer friends I made in the Boston area. We meet up occasionally to check out some of our favorite local craft breweries, and even exchange beer from our hometowns. He works in the travel industry, has great taste in beer, and is engaged to @the_crafty_cam! What more could you want?! Check out my interview with him below.

feature Friday beer

Tell us a little about who you are?

My name is Cameron. I am a 26yr old living in Boston, MA. My day job is working in educational student travel. I enjoy taking spontaneous weekend roadtrips, beer tourism, frolfing with friends, playing board games, watching my 10 favorite soccer clubs, and spending all of my spare dollars and time taking goofy pictures with craft beer. 

How did you get into craft beer? 

I got into craft beer while I was studying abroad in Spain and for the first time really started trying different beer styles like ambers, hefes, stouts– not just the typical freshman-year-of-college Genny Lite. When I came back to the States I was old enough to start exploring what America’s craft breweries had to offer. 

Your first beer &/or first brewery you went to? 

The first legal craft beer I had in the U.S. was the house ale at Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester, NY while on lunchbreak for jury duty (literally less than 12 hours after I came home from a year abroad). The first brewery I remember visiting was Dragonmead Microbrewery in Warren, MI later that same summer. 

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Beer you recommend to everyone?

I'm still a big fan of the non-trendy more traditional styles. Pastry stouts, Triples NEIPAs, and 5-fruit lactose ridden Berliner Weisses may be an explosion of flavor but it's all smoke and mirrors sometimes. If you want a phenomenal American craft beer, try Bell's Oberon. 

Worst beer you’ve ever had? 

I had to look at my Untappd to recall because usually I suppress these memories. The worst beer I have ever had is unquestionably Trader Joe's Jeosephbrau Dunkelweizen... which smelled and tasted like liquid dogfood. 

feature friday beer

What styles of beer do you prefer?

My favorite styles are brown and amber ales, bocks, doppelbocks, and porters. But yes, I am still a sucker for a nice soft, full, hazy, tropical fruit-forward NEIPA. I'm not big on sours and saisons and farmhouse ales unfortunately give me heartburn. 

Your favorite brewery? 

I can never claim 1 single brewery to be my catch-all favorite. The ones that I can say I've always enjoyed and supported are: Other Half (NY), Burlington Beer Co (VT), Alvarado Street (CA), Off Color (IL), Toppling Goliath (IA), and Kelsen (NH). 

What brewery is on your bucket list to visit?

Heard a lot of great things about Surly Brewing's spot in Minneapolis. I think top of the list is taking a trip to Russian River and having a Pliny at the source... and then continuing on to taste every other offering on the menu. 

Seltzer or Nah? Do you drink anything besides beer?

It's not an everyday drink for me but yeah I'm pro-seltzer. I find some to be a little too over-carbonated but, sometimes you need a break from beer. I have even been known to enjoy some wine and cocktails from time to time too. 

Anything else to add?

SUPPORT LOCAL. You don't have to spend $20 to mail 12 cans sold at $6+/can to your internet friend 1,000 miles away when there's a brewery in your backyard that probably makes something tasting essentially the same. Maybe, if you invested more in your local breweries instead of succumbing to hype breweries/beer releases, then everyone would have the same quality in their neighborhood. End rant. 

Well that's all for this feature Friday - craft beer edition! Make sure to check out Cam on Instagram and follow along on his beer experiences! Don't forget to contact me if you want to be featured in a future friday post! Also if you missed my previous craft beer features check them out here, along with some features from fellow flight attendants and travelers!

Until the next feature friday, cheers! - The Hoppy Flight Attendant

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