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gifts for flight attendants
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5 Gift Ideas for Flight Attendants

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Okay full disclosure I meant to write this post up several weeks ago, so I guess now this is mostly for all you procrastinators out there! Here are five helpful and fun gift ideas for flight attendants. Some can also be good gifts for any frequent traveller you know! Happy shopping & Happy Holidays!

1. Inflight Kits

gifts for flight attendants

I sell these kits on my shop (shop will be back and running soon) and they have literally everything that flight crew needs in the air. Things like lotion, a nail file, room spray, a pen, gum, hand sanitizer and more!

2. Pins & Tags for Their Bags

Flight crew all have black bags, we unfortunately don’t have any other choice because of uniform requirements. So getting literally anything that can customize their luggage is super helpful. When we are loading and unloading all our luggage into the crew vans going to and from the airport we have to be able to distinguish our bag from everyone else’s. Here are a few flight attendants that make & sell the perfect pins and tags!

JXH – Enamel Pins (She also sells Greeting Cards!)

gifts for flight attendants

Nuts on a Plane – Fun & Sassy Bag Tags!

gifts for flight attendants

3. Collapsible Containers

These are super helpful for flight attendants when it comes to meal prep. We have to pack food for 2-5 days at a time and need to use our space wisely. Check out these ones from Target. Also check out my favorite collapsible coffee cups from Stojo.

gifts for flight attendants

4. Scratch Off Maps

I’ve got 2 of these and use them each for different purposes so you can never have enough of them! What better gift is there for someone who travels all over the world?! Etsy has tons of them available in a variety of colors and designs. This one is my fav!

gifts for flight attendants

5. Skincare!

Most of the flight attendants I know have tons of skincare products or are searching for new skincare. Our bodies go through so much flying constantly and being in different environments. We will be in snowy weather one day and then have a layover in a city that’s 80 degrees and sunny the next. Below are a few of my favorite products to keep with me.

Well that wraps up this gift giving guide for flight attendants, hopefully this has at least given you some ideas of what flight crew are looking for and in need of! These gift ideas can also work for the frequent traveller in your life. Make sure you share this on social media and pin it on Pinterest below!

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