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Flight Attendant Must Pack Items

Now more than ever it’s so important to pack well as a flight attendant. Some of my friends have gotten stuck in hotels for days or weeks at a time because they’ve gotten covid while on a layover. Luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet but I don’t want to be stuck somewhere with nothing to do! So here are my must pack layover items that I always have in my suitcase as a flight attendant.

must pack layover items for flight attendants #bingewatch

Fire stick or other streaming device

I always pack my fire stick so that I can watch all my favorite shows on my layover. I just hook it into the back of the hotel TV and voila! Endless hours of entertainment. Some hotel tvs are a bit tricky to hook up to but I can usually make it work.

  • Helpful tip #1: make sure you have a longer chord to reach outlets that are further away from the tv. Or bring a battery pack and avoid using the outlet altogether.
  • Helpful tip #2: take the batteries out of the remote every time you pack it up, otherwise they die very quickly in your bag.

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Travel Yoga Mat & Mini Weights

I’ve used several travel yoga mats and have finally found the perfect one! Others were too flimsy, not grippy enough, or too short for my tall ass. The Yogo Folding Mats are perfect, it folds up and fits right in your suitcase so you don’t have to carry around a yoga mat on top of all your other bags! I recommend this mat to all my fellow yogi flyers!

I also bring a couple of 2lb weights because I do barre videos in my hotel room. Yeah I know the gym has weights but I hate having to leave my room and I hate going to the gym. Plus a lot of hotel gyms are closed during the pandemic so this just make life a lot easier. Just a heads up though, TSA will most likely go through your bag because they can’t see if there is anything underneath them on their screen. So make sure to put them somewhere that’s easy to get to.

must pack layover items for flight attendants #selfcare

Self Care Layover Essentials

Self care is a huge thing for me on my layovers. If I’m not going out with my crew or exploring around the city then I am 100% not leaving my room. Unless I have to go downstairs to pick up my DoorDash order.

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I pack all the self care essentials for my layovers: chocolate, Lush bath bombs, body lotion, and whichever face mask I happen to grab out of my enormous collection at home. I may have a problem. Check out my favorites: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Cleansing Mask that’s only $15 and you’ll notice how clean and clear your face is after just one use! Or if you’re looking for a good sleep mask, my favorite is the Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask. I always wake up with soft dewy skin after I use it and even though it’s a bit pricey a little goes a long way so it will last you quite a while.

must have layover items for flight attendants weather

Pack for any Layover Weather

Without fail every time I take my sunscreen or my umbrella out of my bag I end up somewhere where it’s down-pouring or the sun is shining brighter than I’ve seen in weeks. So I hereby swear to keep these items in their place and I highly suggest you do as well. Especially if you’re a flight attendant, because we all know you could end up anywhere.

I also light to pack my clothing in layers, like a tank top and a light sweater. Because weather and schedule is unpredictable in a flight attendants world. My favorite layover shoes are Rothys. I’m sure you’ve heard of them by now, the magical washable shoe made out of recyclable water bottles! I was hesitant to buy them due to the price tag but I do not regret it at all and have since bought another pair. If they get wet they dry quickly and don’t get damaged, and if they get dirty I just toss them in the washer when I get home.

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Vitamins, Sleep Aids and Medicine Oh My!

Last but certainly not least. While on the go you want to make sure you’re staying healthy by getting all your vitamins, taking any necessary medication and making sure you get enough sleep. These things can be very difficult for flight attendants. I love bringing my lavender pillow spray to help me relax and fall asleep easier in hotel beds. Here are two highly recommended pillow sprays: Deep Sleep from Ulta & Pacifica’s Lavender and Rose Moon Pillow Mist which you can find at Target.

As far as medicine and vitamins that’s totally up to you. I personally take a probiotic and these yummy gummy multivitamins.

Now you know my 5 must pack layover items that make my life as a flight attendant so much more enjoyable. We really do have to pack our lives up with us and carry them around. I personally don’t like to be away from home without all my favorite things. Hope this helps my fellow crew members out when deciding what to pack for their trips.

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Flight Attendant Fun Facts:

Do Flight Attendants Have to Pay for their Hotel?

No they don’t! The airline books and pays for every flight attendants hotel for every layover.

Do Flight Attendants Go Home Every Night?

We definitely do not! There will be certain flight attendants that we call “turn queens” that just fly to a city and back home in one day but most of us work 3-5 days at a time so we are only home a couple nights a week. Our schedule is unlike any other career and is very flexible and always changing.

What Should a Flight Attendant Pack?

Besides the essential items like clothing and toiletries flight attendants should pack their comfort items. Anything that you miss while being away from home like: face masks, a yoga mat, your sound machine, comfy socks, a streaming device…the list goes on. You want to feel as at home as possible while on a layover away from home.

Make sure to be prepared for both warm and cold weather by packing things like an umbrella, sunscreen and a bathing suit!

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