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Tour of Walt & Whitman Brewing in Saratoga Springs

We stopped at Walt & Whitman last weekend to try some new beer & ended up chatting with their head brewer and the whole fam to get the inside scoop and a tour of Walt & Whitman Brewing in downtown Saratoga Springs

Opened December 2019, Walt & Whitman is owned by a mother son duo, Will and Kathy Crager. They run the brewery, restaurant and coffee shop along with some help from Kathy’s three daughters and her husband. They take the family owned business to a whole new level and you feel like you’re part of the family at Whitman.

Walt Cafe

They’ve done an amazing job transforming the old Saratogian paper building into a welcoming space that you can literally spend all day at if you wanted to. Upstairs where the old newsroom used to be is a gorgeous cafe decorated with creative skateboard art pieces by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Besides coffee you can get breakfast sandwiches made with fresh english muffins and their signature homemade “walt-tarts!.”

It’s the perfect space to meet up with a friend over coffee *especially when they’re doing their Girl Scout cookie themed lattes! I personally love going there to work on my blog over an iced americano and a walt-tart before I head downstairs to the brewery.

Whitman Brewing

Downstairs the ambiance turns much more cozy and dark. I love that they have lots of different table styles and swanky couches and the walls are lined with tons of artwork. You can also see right into the actual brewery right across from the bar. You might even see their head brewer Nick Meyer hard at work brewing some delicious beer! Brewers Nick and Keegan have done a great job balancing customer need as well as being innovative and crafting up beers that challenge to you expand your palate.

My personal favorites currently on tap:

  • Now, Forager Raspberry – A Berliner Weisse conditioned with heaps of raspberries!
  • Maximum Effort – a NEIPA with oats & hits of apricot, clementines and honey dew.
  • Time I$ Money – This one surprised me because it’s been a long time since I ordered a German Helles Lager but it was so refreshing and had notes of biscuits and honey that kept me coming back for another sip.

Chef Brandon

Hailing from Detroit Chef Brandon Schatko has brought Detroit Style pizza to little Saratoga Springs. The Fun Guy with mushrooms, feta and truffle honey is my favorite. He has created a very unique menu with a little bit for everyone. From gyros and cauliflower shawarma to crispy wings and a fried chicken sandwich. Oh yeah and those walt-tarts at the cafe? Yeah he makes those too! He’s done flavors like PB&J, Lemon, Cinnamon&Sugar, S’mores and Cherry.

Coming Soon

They just opened their new patio last weekend so now you can enjoy your coffee or beer outside as well. They've got several tables set up out back and its perfect timing with so many wanting to be outside while we all test out re-opening during Covid.

We got a sneak peak into what will eventually become a beer hall with a private events space. It's going to be impressive to say the least & will really make the whole building come together. As with the rest of the building they are trying to give a nod to the previous tenants, The Saratogian by leaving up the front entrance sign and making use of their old door.

They are also working on getting their canning system up and running. The first beer to be canned will be a Double IPA called Big Kids Table. Be on the lookout for that and lots of new beers coming our way like a Black Lager, an Oktoberfest, and they're even making a Strawberry Seltzer! We got to taste it and it's got tons of strawberry flavor!

That's a wrap on this tour of Walt & Whitman Brewing, if you're near Saratoga Springs make sure to stop by or even stay all day like me. Maybe I'll see you there!


-The Hoppy Flight Attendant

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