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What not to do on an airplane

Just like everywhere else in the world there are people that don’t make any sense or are making their life way more complicated than necessary. In the airline business I like to call them questionable passengers. The following is a list I’ve compiled of the most questionable passengers onboard an airplane and all the odd, confusing and stupid things they do. I’m pretty sure TSA does something to people’s brains when they go through. That or travel is just that stressful for some people.

questionable passengers airplane
  • People who travel with soft guitar cases & other soft cases for various expensive instruments and expect them to not get ruined or expect us to have space in a magical closet somewhere. We do have a closet but it’s technically for medical assistive devices. Don’t count on it. 
  • Passengers who take their shoes off and put their feet on the armrests and all over the aircraft. Also, passengers who go to the LAV without shoes on. You nasty. 
  • Parents who just sit there and let their children scream or misbehave on the plane and don’t do a thing. Do you not discipline your child, did you not bring anything to try and calm them down or make them more comfy/happy?! #badparenting 
  • People who order the whole can but then hand it to you to throw away still half full. Did you not know you didn’t like Coke? 
  • People who ask for 1 of every snack when we have 4 complimentary snacks available. You get your moneys worth honey. 
  • People who can’t find row #10 and are at row #30. Here’s a hint: they go in order…numerical order. 
  • Passengers who ask us to microwave things…like shoes…you can’t make this shit up. 
  • People who stand in awe rubbing the wall looking for a secret passage way to the restroom. The Lavatory is the one over there that has the handles and the signs…
  • People who listen to music without headphones. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize you owned this plane and were in control of what we are all going to listen to today. 
  • Men who get pissed off when I let a sweet 90 year old woman in row 2 get off before him. “I can’t believe you let a wheelchair passenger get off first, I’ll be writing this in.” Me: “BAHA, okay.” 
  • When someone has what we hope to just be allergies and takes their tissue straight out of their nose to hand to us. Uh no. You can go to the bathroom and dispose of that yourself. 
  • That one guy that asked if he could smoke cause he was nervous…
  • That cat lady that turns one of the LAVS into a litter box. Litter all over the ground. 
  • The person who brings nothing to entertain themselves & just stares at everyone for 3+ hours. No headphones, magazine, iPad, book, portable DVD player, game…? Come on people. 

I’m sure this will be an ever growing list of questionable airline passengers I encounter on a daily basis. Honestly, I have no clue how some of them even make it to the airport let alone their final destination. I also don’t know how I deal with them every day. If I had to say I’d guess beer, lots of yummy craft beer.

Stay sane people,

The Hoppy FA

CLEAR Airport Security

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